Benefits of Choosing an All-Ceramic Crown

Benefits of Choosing an All-Ceramic Crown

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A dental crown is a restoration that is placed over a tooth to restore a tooth to its original size and shape after it has been weakened beyond the practicality of a filling.  An all-ceramic crown is a crown purely made from ceramic and no other materials, unlike crowns that use porcelain fused to metal.  They are often preferred because they have a more natural color, are more effective when there is a minimal amount of space to work within, and also have a reduced risk of sensitivity to hot and cold foods or allergic reactions.  Most of the time all-ceramic crowns are used in the front of the mouth.  If you are looking to improve the cosmetic quality of your smile you may want to consider choosing an all-ceramic crown!

ceramic crown

Above on the left is a porcelain fused to metal crown. On the right is an all-ceramic crown.  Below is a before and after photography of Dr. Richard M. Richman using this technique on one of his patients at Smiles Unlimited Dentistry, P.C. On the left is a porcelain fused to metal crown which varied in color from the rest of the patient’s teeth. On the right is an all-ceramic crown which nicely matched his other teeth.  This patient is now proud to show off his smile!

ceramic crown  ceramic crown

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