Oral Piercings and Your Dental Health

Getting a piercing in your lip, cheek, or tongue is an increasingly common form of self-expression. However, if you have an oral piercing or are considering getting one there are dangers that you should know about. Common side effects of mouth piercings include excessive drooling, allergic reactions to metal in the jewelry, complications with chewing…
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Root Resorption

The breakdown and synthesis of new structures is a process that the human body uses to maintain a healthy internal balance. Cells and organs all go through this process, and the cycle is especially prevalent in bones. Root resorption is the breakdown of bone in teeth. Unfortunately, if the breakdown of healthy bone structure goes…
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Dry Mouth

Saliva plays an essential role in maintaining dental health by providing teeth with the calcium and phosphate minerals that they need. If you are experiencing dry mouth it means that you have low levels of saliva production. This can be uncomfortable. Not only is the small amount of saliva being produced more acidic, but the…
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Behcet’s Disease

There are many aspects of immune disorders which are not well understood. What doctors and scientists do know, however, is that the body’s immune system has the potential to attack healthy, normal cells. This is the case with Behcet’s disease. What is Behcet’s Disease? Behcet’s disease, also referred to as Behcet’s syndrome, is an autoinflammatory…
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