Temporary Crowns

Temporary dental crowns play an essential role in a tooth’s restoration. Most people don’t realize the various purposes a temporary dental crown serves such as: Shifting- Without having a temporary crown in place you risk the treated tooth and the teeth around it shifting. If this occurs the space between teeth may begin to crowd,…
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I Lost My Dental Crown

Whether you have a temporary or permanent crown you should be aware that it may eventually come off. For some it may be painful, but when most people have a crown fall off it is simply more of an inconvenience. These types of emergencies are not uncommon, and in many cases the crown can be…
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Periodontal Disease and Your Overall Health

If you or someone you know has periodontal disease they are in danger of increasing their likelihood of developing chronic inflammatory conditions. The bacteria that surround your teeth can do great damage to your oral health resulting in loose teeth, bad breath, and tooth decay. Studies have found that such bacteria contribute to gum disease…
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The Fit and Form of Removable Dentures

In your mouth teeth help maintain bone levels of your gums, and at the same time the bones of the gums support your teeth. This relationship ensures that both the teeth and the gums remain strong. In individuals that have missing teeth this interdependency is lost, and the gums constantly change, and undergo tissue reduction…
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